Integration of technology into Physical Education

Technology plays a vital role in PE planning. A majority of the PE educators have resorted to integrating technological devices into their syllabus, and it has amassed favorable remarks. The use of technological devices is crucial for enabling students to learn the essence of physical education even better.

The Z-generation is born into a heavily digitalized era; therefore, it requires using internet and projectors for learning about the fundamentals of PE in detail. However, if you are a PE educator, and you are not sure where to begin, you can follow the given tactics for integrating technology into your physical education.

  1. Use one device at a time

    You will come across a number of tech devices on the market; however, you should take baby steps, and use one tech device at a time. You should be familiar with the app or device you are more likely to integrate into your classes, and implement it accordingly. Once your students have learned how to make the best use of the apps or devices—you can move on to integrating another technological device into your learning module.

  2. Follow a standardized curriculum

    If you are considering implementing technological devices into your PE planning then, you should learn about the online curriculum used by your district. You should also enroll into a course for learning about the module in details. A majority of the courses include My Big Campus, Moodle, Google Classroom or, Edmodo—that you can use into your PE teaching plan. It will help you in resorting to a paperless task, and it would allow the parents of your students to view their activity on the portal.

  3. Use laptop or tablets in a classroom

    The use of laptop and tablets is considered to be a gateway to integrating technology into physical education. It is a great way to get started with making a classroom inclusive to technology.

  4. Use videos to keep your students engaged

    The core principle of PE classes is not simply based on exercising or working out consistently. It is primitively based on accelerating the personal development of students. A PE instructor should play videos in a classroom for keeping the students engaged and motivated.